Signs Your Home Needs Insulation

Having an insulated attic is equal to having a happy house. A properly insulated home is essential for the comfort of your family and household throughout the year. However, most homeowners might be unaware that their homes need insulation or are under-insulated. In case you are not sure about your attic, don’t panic, here are a few notable signs that you can check to know if your home needs attic insulation removal and re-insulation.

High energy bills

One of the biggest signs that your home is under-insulated is an increase in your energy bills. When your home is not properly insulated, your heating and cooling systems have to use more energy to keep your home’s temperatures regulated. This often leads to a home that feels uncomfortable and has energy usage that spikes in both weather extremes.

Uneven temperatures in different living spaces in your home

There are several factors that can affect the temperatures from one room to the other. This can also include the location in comparison to the sun, the time of the year, and of course, whether it is insulated or not. However, it is important to note that poor insulation is often the biggest factor in fluctuating temperatures— the reason why this job is best left or professionals.

In case your home lacks insulation in the walls or the attic, it can force rooms to absorb temperatures around it, leading to living areas that feel hot compared to others. Installing insulation is the best way to reduce energy waste in your house. It will, in turn, allow you to control the temperature better in areas around your home that might be less comfortable.

Pest infestations

Your attic is a major attraction for pests, and specifically rats. They are not kind guests and should not be entertained in your home. When you notice rodents in your attic, it could also be a sign that there are other pests sharing the space. Old attic insulation often attracts pests since it offers nesting materials. To effectively counter this, insulate your attic with spray foam since it forms a stronger barrier that repels rodents, insects, and birds from invading your attic.

Hot or cold walls and floors

You might not know this, but by touching your walls, floors or ceiling, you can know if your home needs new insulation. Under-insulated homes often have floors, walls, and ceilings that feel cold in the winter and warm during the summer. What this means is that the outside temperature is sipping into your home, increasing your energy usage and making an uncomfortable environment.

Drafts in areas around your home

While going through your home in cool and warm months, it’s important to take note of any noticeable drafts that occur in your home. If you notice a draft, then there is a possibility that there could be open cracks in doors, windows, and entryways. This will often leave your living spaces feeling breezy and cold during winter. In an adverse situation, it could lead to conditions where your AC is not as effective. Properly insulating your home, fixing and repairing cracks might help solve this problem. Also, take care of any openings that allow air to enter and leave your home.